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Agile for Scrum Masters

Introduction to IT and Agile methodology.

How is Agile different from Waterfall.

Agile Principles, Scrum Team, Agile Mindset

Sprint Ceremonies - Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective.

Different Types of User Stories - Functional User Story, Technical User Story, Enablers.

How to Calculate Team Capacity and Velocity, How to allocate story points to user stories, How

to use JIRA, Burnup chart, Burn Down chart.

Different Types of Backlog - Spring Backlog, Program Backlog, Increment Backlog.

Epic, Capability, Feature, User Story

How to handle change requests.

What is Definition of Ready, What is Definition of Done, INVEST and SMART criteria

Types of dependency - Upstream Dependency, Downstream Dependency, Internal Dependency, External Dependency.

Dependency Mapping

SAFE - Scaled Agile Framework. How is it different from Scrum

SAFE Ceremonies - Program Increment Planning (Detailed Analysis), Scrum of Scrum, PO Sync.

Architectural Runway and Continuous Exploration

Systems Theory

Systems Introduction


Application front end, Application middle tier and Application back end. Types of tools we use here.


What is Code Behind, What is common code, What is Business logic.




Types of Validations - Client side, Server side, Database side


Types of Architecture - SOA, Microservice.


What is Web Service, Microservice and the difference between the two.




Different types of Reports and Reporting tools


Database - SQL, How we use this in real time environment 


Orchestration process


Batch process 



Devops – Merge, Code transfer

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